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Willie Cortez is a professional music producer, mix engineer and award winning composer currently based in beautiful Marseille, south of France.

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recorded, mixed, produced, composed, performed or all of the above



I am a professional music producer, composer and mix engineer and have been so for a number of years.

I'm also a recording artist in my own right but today my aim is to share everything I have learned throughout the years to help you make a great sounding record and thus bring value to the community of music makers and lovers which we're part of.

So you can shine your light and inspire others to do the same. 

 - My musical background -

A life long musician, I have formed my very first rock'n'roll group at age 10! (we were playing originals...yep).      

Nine years later I moved to London where I joined a few indie bands on drums. This led me to travel quite a bit, touring Europe, the UK and the United States all the while meeting and playing with very cool and talented people, some of them would end up writing their own little share of rock history...

At age 27 I got a contract with EMI Records to compose, produce & perform my debut solo album titled 'FARSUCT' which means "FromAReliableSourceUCanTrust".        

It took 3 years of hard work before its release in 2004.

I fluked out in 2006 and met french film directors Julien Séri (Night Fare), Franck Vestiel (Eden Log) and Cédric Jimenez (La French) who gave me my first shot as a film score composer.

I teamed up with my brother Alex and we composed a handful of original scores, under the mysterious and oh so hard to remember moniker 'Seppuku Paradigm'. I guess our big break was Pascal Laugier's controversial and hard hitting MARTYRS, which I am very proud to have been part of!

In 2010 we won the 'Best Original Soundtrack' award at Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival for the french/hong-kong production 'Red Nights' (dir: Julien Carbon & Laurent Courtiaud).

Today, as well as staying creative at all times and working on personal projects, I am still involved in the film and music industry, as a multi-instrumentalist (drums, bass, guitar, keyboards), vocalist, music programmer, composer, producer and mixing engineer.



 I will help you make your vision happen...that can be through co-writing, additional programming, full production or mixing.

For mixing I operate from home where I've set up my hybrid analog / digital studio. For production I can be flexible and will offer various options according to your budget and needs. 

As a professional I will adapt to your project specifications and budget while offering multiple services. 

  • Pre Production.
  • Full Production. 
  • Remote Mixing. 
  • Co-writing. 
  • Arrangements. 
  • Top line writing (writing the melody and lyrics over a pre made beat).  
  • Programming (drums, keyboards, effects etc...)

I also work with a team of gifted musicians, programmers, mixing and mastering engineers as well as  recording studios that can be brought in to your project upon request.



Please fill in the form below. Outline your needs and time frame.

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My aim is to help you make a great sounding record while remaining flexible, please state your budget so I can work with you to make sure things get done and everyone's happy.

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